Stream RSZ: Ready and raring to go


The Honda Stream is one of the more handsome looking MPVs available in our market, regardless of price bracket.

It’s proven to be quite popular with car buyers who want a sleek looking vehicle with extra passenger and cargo space at a relatively affordable price.

The Stream doesn’t look at all dated from when it was first launched here two years ago. I think, appearance-wise, it still has many years to go.


Besides the external appearance, the other thing I like about the Stream is the sizeable yet cosy interior. The kids had a ball sitting in the third row at the back, ”far” away from Mom and Dad, and my wife and I had a ball up front, far away from the kids.

This solid value proposition presented by the Stream hasn’t stopped Honda Malaysia from introducing a new variant, the Honda Stream RSZ, which boosts the seven-seater SUV a class up on appearance and features.

The Stream RSZ comes with an exclusive RSZ Aerokit and a redesigned grille which accentuates its exterior appeal. You also now get fog lights and smoked auto headlights with a high intensity discharge beam.

Add 17-inch alloy wheels and what you have is a much sportier overall appearance compared to the standard Stream. The additions to the exterior features certainly heighten the vehicle’s ”raring to go” look.

Inside, the Stream RSZ has an all-black interior. Not my cup of tea unless it’s black leather, but I can see how the interior colour scheme fits in with the overall package.

Other extra features include a driver seat armrest for better comfort and leather-clad steering wheel. To commensurate with the sporty theme, the Stream RSZ also comes with paddle shifters for those who prefer the Formula 1 way of changing gears.

Paddle shifters aren’t for me though, as I don’t see the point or sense in having them in the sort of vehicles within and below the Stream’s price range. Fully manual or fully auto will do for me.

Powered by an 1.8l i-VTEC engine and five-speed auto transmission, the MPV drives smoothly and is spritely when you need to get a move on. But being an MPV, you don’t really want to go too fast, even if you’re in the sporty version.

Overall, the RSZ is not bad, and it’s maintained all the best features in the standard Stream. The quality that Honda prides itself in remains.

Priced at RM155,980 on the road with insurance, the RSZ costs RM6,000 more than the standard version but you get a better overall package.

One thing though — I reviewed the Honda Accord 2.0 VTi-L just before this vehicle and I thought it was pretty good, too. Okay, we’re comparing apples and oranges but if you don’t need the extra space, then the Accord — at about RM6,000 less — gives the Stream a really serious run for its money as far as I’m concerned.

That said, if you’ve got a big family and the ”man” in you wants more than just a run-of-the-mill MPV, then of course the Stream RSZ is worth a serious look.


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