Aprilia Shiver 750 (CKD) promises a fulfilling ride

By A. NACHI | 18 February 2016

The Aprilia Shiver is a popular naked bike which got the whole biking community talking about it.

This is the first Aprilia bike assembled in Malaysia.

Every single component of the Shiver is the same with those made in Italy.

The only difference is you pay for a lesser price in Malaysia. Now that is a good deal.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 04-1
Besides the sexy and sporty look, the Shiver promises to deliver a very fulfilling ride the minute you twist the throttle.

Well, as the old saying goes; the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I decided to review the Shiver on the hilly roads of Cameron Highlands.

Took the North-South highway and turned into the old road to Cameron Highlands and came down through the windy Sungai Koyan, followed by Bentong and Karak. I clocked more than 400km that day.

The Shiver is a naked bike and thus the sitting position is upright.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 04
The ergonomics of this sitting position is very comfortable.

The handle bars allows you to sit in a comfortable like posture without causing pain to your neck or wrists.

And not to forget the foot pegs are ideally located.

The slim design of the bike makes it easy to weave in and out of traffic.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 06The dashboard is equipped with reasonably a large LCD screen which offers the usual useful information such as speed, temperature, time and gear position.

Meanwhile on the left handlebar, I just had to toggle the MODE switch for more useful information like the average fuel consumption, highest top speed achieved, odometer, time spent on the bike, menu for various settings.

The Mode switch is easy to use while riding. The Shiver comes with three riding modes- Sport, Touring and Rain.

The Ride by Wire technology allowed me to select the riding modes while I am riding (but with the throttle closed).

The sport mode offers an exciting ride where immediate response from the throttle is assured.

Meanwhile the Touring mode is ideal if you want to have a relaxing ride on the open highways or in the city.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 02Finally the Rain mode reduces available torque by 25% for wet road conditions.

At the sports mode, I felt like I was on a missile cruiser on the highway.

I could tear up the roads without mercy. There is so much of power in the bike on this mode and the amount of torque available is simply unbelievable.

The bike was also very planted on the road like glue. I felt so confident and decided to push the bike even faster.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 07But soon I realised that my favourite mode was the Touring which was less aggressive.

While on the endless twisties in Sungai Koyan, the Shiver takes the corner without me having to push the bike hard.

It feels so natural to be riding the slim Shiver while engaging with the corners.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 14
You just need to get that into the rhythm and the rest falls in place nicely.

There are three main reasons that contributes to Shiver’s ability to tackle these corners with panache.

Firstly it is due to its exceptional chassis equilibrium which offers maximum enjoyment to me.

Aprilia has designed a really out of the ordinary frame for the Shiver, constituted by a tubular steel trellis and pressed aluminium plates.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 05
Thanks also to the particular compactness of the 750 V-twin engine, it was possible to create an equally compact and slim chassis.

Secondly of course is the suspension set-up.

As for sweeping corners, the 43mm upside-down front fork with shell-cast supports the radial callipers smoothly giving me the feeling that I am riding on the air.

Meanwhile, the 120mm travel allows the suspension to absorb enough impact to ensure that my rear end is not punished.
Aprillia Shiver 750 - 15
On few hard braking on the Karak highway, the front forks did not dive in but it handled the rapid slow down well.

And finally with a dry weight of just 189 kg, it was obvious that Aprilia’s agility in these corners was peerless.

A must mention, Shiver offers good mileage in the city.

I intentionally rode in areas well known for traffic jams like Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 07I was very happy with Shiver’s ability to weave in and out of the traffic and occasionally zooming off when the light is on yellow.

The Shiver is definitely a perfect choice.

At low speeds, Shiver is able to give a comfortable ride and the throttle response is immediate.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 20
The brakes did exactly what they were designed for - keeping the rider safe.

The Shriver’s brake discs came with a wave profile, which is claimed by Aprilia, offers better braking performance.

Meanwhile the rear wheel comes with a 245mm disc with a single-piston calliper, which provides adequate support to the front brake unit.

The system is completed by metal braid hoses, able to ensure the optimum performance consistency even under prolonged stress.

Aprillia Shiver 750 - 18
I am so sure these brakes will be able to stop it at any speed.

The Shiver is a great bike for those who are looking for a laid back ride.

You can ride from one state to another or burn some rubber on the race track.

The Shiver is able to meet everybody’s riding needs.




CarSifu's Rating: 8.0