Get your scoot on with BMW C 400 GT

By A. NACHI | 27 September 2019

The first time I heard that BMW wanting to produce scooters, I found this direction to be rather awkward.

BMW Motorrad had always been known for a brand that specializes in touring/adventure and sports bike and never anything besides those.

BMW C 400 GT is a follow-up to the C 400 X launched last year. The C 400 GT is a 350cc machine offering 33.5hp and 35Nm of torque.


Under the BMW Motorrad umbrella, scooters are positioned as urban mobility vehicles C 400 GT is designed to look sporty and be functional.

Every detail on the bike has been carefully thought through to make it appeal to the target audience.

At one glance, I found the bike bulky but from the front of the scooter, I realised that the scooter is slim.

This scooter comes with a wide and tall windshield which is very useful when I do outstation rides.


However, I am not too thrilled as the windshield is not adjustable. The luggage compartment under the seat however, is generous.

This bike comes with a flexcase space which can be expanded downwards to carry more items.

Meanwhile, the front floorboard is wide enough to place a shopping bag or a backpack. Under the seat are a 12V power outlet and an USB port to charge your mobile phone.

The 6.5-inch TFT screen is eye candy. The high resolution, colourful screen has all the basic information a rider needs like speed, engine rpm and fuel gauge.


Besides those, the system can connect to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. The BMW Motorrad communication system allows easy access to your smartphone's contact list via the multi-controller, and thus to making phone calls on the go easy.

If you decide to enjoy your ride with your favourite playlist or the best route through the city via the GPS, the innovative turn-by-turn arrow display allows you to navigate quickly and safely.

I found this machine a practical bike for daily commute. The slim motorcycle is ideal to whizz through traffic jams plus the torque is perfect for the countless stop-go ride in the city centre.


Keeping the engine rev at 2,500rpm is the best for city riding. The power delivery is smooth and very predictable, making the bike easy to handle.

At 212kg, this bike is nimble and agile. The C 400 GT is a walk-in-the-park for any novice who is moving up from 250cc motorcycles.

It is obvious that the engine is designed to meet the needs of the city rides and long rides as well.


Its Keyless Ride allows for a hassle-free ignition. On the highway, I was able to clock 120kph without running out of breath.

Few of my riding buddies were quite impressed with the C 400 GT's punchy performance. Riding from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highland to Bentong and back to Kuala Lumpur, I enjoyed the C 400 GT's excellent handling, stability and vibration-free performance on straight and winding roads.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and automatic stability control (ASC) are standard safety features. Taking sharp and wide corners with this bike is effortless. I just had to manage the throttle at every entry and exit of the corners for a satisfying ride.


Accelerating uphill is decent, keeping in mind that this is a scooter. The position of the handlebar, the specially designed seat and the relaxed foot peg position result in a perfect ergonomic triangle.

There is no doubt that this machine is built for a comfortable sitting position whether for short rides or long journeys.

Like any other motorcycle, night riding is safe when the bike is equipped with really good lights. The C 400 GT's powerful light easily lights up dark roads ahead.


The front turn indicators are integrated into the trim panel while the rear ones are integrated into the tail light making the whole design sleek yet functional.

I made a point to ride this bike on few bad roads in Kuala Lumpur which had a combination of potholes and uneven surface. The verdict is, the C 400 GT can handle rough stretches while keeping you comfortable on the saddle.

This two wheelers comes with a 35mm upside down front forks and twin rear shocks while its low centre of gravity makes the bike stable.


Be it on the highland, city ride or long ride; the brakes on this machine costing RM45,590 (excluding GST) did what is designed to do.

The brakes on this scooter is from Bybrem. The twin front disks and a single rear are decent but the rear brake has a better bite. And not to forget the front and rear brakes get ABS.



BMW C 400 GT

Engine: 350cc, single cylinder, overhead cam, water cooled, 4-stroke, 4 valves

power: 33.5hp at 7,500rpm

torque: 35Nm at 6,000rpm

suspension: 35mm telescopic forks

suspension: Twin rear suspension adjustment, preloaded

brakes: 265mm double discs, 4 piston Bybre calipers

brakes: 265mm single disc, 1 piston Bybre caliper

Capacity: 12.8 litres Rrange: 360km (estimated)

weight: 212kg

Price: RM45,590 (excluding GST)





CarSifu's Rating: 7.6