Vespa Primavera - a blast to the past

By A. NACHI | 6 April 2017

The new Vespa Primavera 150 ABS stays true to the 1960s Vespa classic design but has been updated with present day tastes.

The design of the bike especially the bodywork is much more rounded and pleasant.

The lines are cleaner and obvious.

Vespa Primavera - 06
The modern feel of this Vespa is very apt for the younger audience.

There is so much of coolness oozing from this bike.

Wear the right gear and you will definitely be noticed on the roads.

The Primavera is light, thus making it easy to handle for both sexes.

Ergonomics of this Vespa is perfect, reach to the bar is easy, meanwhile the saddle is big enough to accommodate a rider and pillion rider comfortably.

There is also enough space between pillion rider and the rider to make riding comfortable for both.

Vespa Primavera - 10
The brown leather saddle is firm, and yet comfortable, with double stitching further enhances the visual gratification of Vespa’s cuteness.

The rear of the bike is further complemented by passenger grab handle which is chromed to give the psychedelic look.

The turn indicators and LED daylight running lights are not large but these lights are a perfect fit for the overall design.

They are bright even during the day, thus missing a Primavera rider on the road is simply impossible.

Vespa Primavera - 11
The scooter comes with a glove compartment which is big enough to place my mobile phone, wallet, foldable shopping bags.

This compartment also comes with a phone charger which is definitely a brilliant idea.

Meanwhile, the under-seat compartment is big enough to fit an open space helmet.

Its limited cargo space means you might have to add a folding rack on the rear and front of the scooter to give you more ample space.

In fact, adding the folding rack makes the scooter more retro like something from the 1960s.

Vespa Primavera - 12
The Primavera is definitely ideal for a daily commute with its slim design and agility, making it so easy to tackle heavy city traffic.

Weaving through traffic becomes so natural within thirty minutes on the scooter.

Not only that, countless stop-and-go traffic does not seems tire out the engine.

The engine seems to purr happily be it on high or low speed.

On few occasions, I had no choice but to ride on the five-foot pathway because of gridlocks.

Vespa Primavera - 09
The scooter was able to climb and come down the five-foot pavement with little fuss. Wow!

I decided to ride the Primavera on the highway to Kuala Selangor.

I managed to clock about 103kph which was the official top speed of this scooter.

The scooter feels well-planted at this speed which was commendable.

There was very little vibration on the handle bar and none from the floor board.

At low speed riding especially when looking for parking bays, the scooter pulls strongly and does feel like it’s going to stall.

While riding the Primavera to work, I had a feeling that everybody were looking at me.

Vespa Primavera - 08
And I was right. . . every time I stopped at a traffic light, the motorcyclists next to me will definitely have a glance at the scooter.

I also realised it does not only happen to me but to other Vespa riders as well.

There is something unexplainable charm about these Vespas that appeals to everybody.

The Vespa Primavera 150 ABS has more than enough power; and the torque kicks in instantaneously once I twist the throttle.

This makes the scooter a fun vehicle especially when you are on the highway and decide to do a sudden burst of speed.

For a scooter, it is fast enough to get the other riders on the road to notice.

Vespa Primavera - 16
The engineers at Piaggio are very proud of the Primavera mainly because of the new Piaggio i-Get engine.

This new engine boasts optimised efficiency, lowered emissions and increased reliability.

Two thumbs up to this scooter especially on the suspension set-up.

The Primavera was able to absorb shocks rough roads with panache.

The front suspension comes with a shock damper which was tuned to take the tolls of daily city and highway travelling.

Vespa Primavera - 09-1
The front dive in is unavoidable when I did few hard braking but there was nothing to worry about.

I once did an emergency stop while riding at 90kph and had expected the Primavera to fail this test because of its lightweight. But I was wrong;

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) kicked into action and allowed me to stop confidently and safely without losing my balance.

As an iconic Italian two-wheeler and priced at RM15,890.00 (before GST), its desirability should spread like wild fire in Malaysia.

Vespa Primavera - 17
SPECIFICATIONS - Vespa Primavera 150 ABS

Engine : 154.8cc, single cylinder 4 strokes, with catalytic converter and electronic fuel injection.

Maximum power: 12.7hp at 7,750 rpm
Maximum torque: 10.4Nm at 6,000rpm

Front Suspension : Single arm with coil spring with dual action monoshock absorber

Rear Suspension : Coil spring (adjustable preload), dual action hydraulic monoshock; 70mm axial stroke

Front Brake : Hydraulic, 200 mm stainless steel disc, ABS

Rear Brake : 140mm drum, ABS

Fuel Tank Capacity : 7.9 litre

Price : RM15,890.00 (before GST)






CarSifu's Rating: 6.8