First drive of new Ford Focus

By RIZAL JOHAN | 14 March 2016

2016 Ford Focus Titanium+ sedan

A DRIVE was organised for members of the media immediately after the launch of the new Ford Focus on March 10, and we got to try out the four-door Titanium+ variant. Our first impression of the Focus sedan is positive.

We are happy to report that the new Focus 1.5 turbo engine mated to a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission makes it feel like you’re driving a bigger car.

With its smooth power delivery, fluid gear changes on top of the throaty exhaust note, it was really fun being behind the wheel.

2016 Ford Focus Titanium+ sedan


The Ford Focus launch
Ford Focus Specifications

The car handles well, the steering is sharp and responsive and Ford did a great job with the insulation as the cabin is very quiet.

The new Focus strikes a balance in comfort, sporty driving and functionality in one package.

And this car has got good looks too as the Titanium+ comes with a sleek wing on its boot.

Look up front at the creases on the hood and the new trapeziodal grille, which gives the car a lean and muscular disposition.

You have to give it to Ford. It has a winner on its hands. A full review of the car will come soon after we can get our hands on it for a few days.

2016 Ford Focus Titanium+ sedan

2016 Ford Focus Titanium+ sedan