5 reasons to lust after Tesla Model S

By CARSIFU | 24 March 2016

Ahh, what can we say of a revolutionary car? The Tesla Model S is early out of the gate to evangelise the future of mobility as few know it yet. Here are some brief thoughts on the Model S electric car after seven hours on the road with it.

1. Torque in an instant
This is the one thing that gets to you first when you step on it. The full-on torque comes on as quickly as flipping on a light switch. Maybe faster.

2. The looks
It has that luxury sports car appearance that should appeal to a wide cross-section of the population. Provided the price is right.

3. Look ma, no tailpipe pollution
Clean and silent. No noxious gases to taint an already damaged planet.

4. Storage aplenty
Ample storage in the boot, under the bonnet and four cupholders as shown in test car.

5. A different lifestyle
No more going to the petrol station to fuel up. Treat your car like your cellphone. Top up the charge as and when necessary, get feature upgrades over the air. And monitor or control some car features via phone apps.