2017 Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda KAI Concept + Skyactiv-X a head-turner

By CARSIFU | 25 October 2017

TOKYO: The Mazda KAI Concept compact hatchback has made its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, combining breakthrough Mazda technologies and head-turning KODO design.

The groundbreaking part is the next-generation Skyactiv-X petrol engine mated with an advanced Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture platform, the latest iteration of Mazda’s human-centered development philosophy.

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Styling is characterised by clean, honed beauty free of extraneous elements, creating a strong and solid image. Mazda’s design aims to embody Japanese aesthetics, condensing them into the KAI Concept’s compact, ideal hatchback.

People around the world love hatchbacks for the great value they offer, including features such as highly practical packaging. Mazda set its sights on bringing the brand’s unique value to the universal presence and tradition of the hatchback.

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Specifically, Mazda decided to take on a new hatchback challenge through the application of evolved KODO design. The goal was to create an alluring hatchback.

As per Mazda's modus operandi, the interior is designed to provide a connection between driver and car according to a “less is more” template.

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