2018 Paris Motor Show: Renault presents futuristic infotainment system

By RELAXNEWS | 3 October 2018

PARIS: Renault has a new immersive experience in store for this year's Paris Motor Show, taking visitors into the multimedia world of the vehicles of the future by means of a capsule on the French car manufacturer's stand.

Renault has chosen to unveil its Augmented Editorial Experience (AEX) at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. This exclusive voice assistant prototype uses artificial intelligence to propose customised and contextualised content, as well as multimedia experiences, to enrich onboard travel time. The voice assistant can, for example, read aloud news stories.

For the duration of the Paris show, visitors will be invited inside a four-metre-wide capsule installed on the Renault stand to experience four different sample situations (starting the day, travelling to a business meeting, heading home, or a family trip).

The experience promises exceptional image quality, with 222-degree high-definition images across several screens.

In all of the situations, the driver can talk to the assistant at any moment to find out the latest news, ask it to read out entire articles or to get contextual information relating to the surrounding environment.

The project simulates Renault's vision of the future of vehicle travel in the era of fully autonomous driving, in the coming years. The aim is to entertain and inform the driver and their passengers so that they can get the most out of their journey time.