2019 updated Perodua Axia: RM24K to RM43K - new VSC and ASA safety tech

By THOMAS HUONG | 21 August 2019

RAWANG: Similar with the latest-generation Perodua Myvi and new Aruz, the 2019 updated 1.0-litre Perodua Axia compact car comes with many goodies including VSC (vehicle stability control) and ASA (Advanced Safety Assist) features.

Estimated prices (on-the-road before insurance for Peninsular Malaysia) are:

- RM24,090 (Axia E grade)

- RM33,490 (Axia G grade)

- RM34,990 (Axia GXtra grade)

- RM38,890 (Axia SE grade)

- RM38,890 (Axia STYLE grade)

- RM43,190 (Axia AV grade)

The 2019 updated Axia gets a 5-year or 150,000km (whichever is first) warranty.

There are six Axia variants powered by the regular 1.0-litre VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing - intelligence) engine.

Rear cargo room is still 260 litres.

The Axia E Grade will still be the cheapest car you can buy, with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The other five Axia variants will still use the four-speed 4E-AT automatic gearbox.

What's new here is VSC (vehicle stability control) and TRC (traction control), found on the new Axia GXtra grade and above (SE, STYLE and AV).

The top four Axia grades (GXtra, SE, STYLE and AV) also get features like anti-snatch theft hook, reverse sensors, height-adjustable driver's seat, powered wing mirrors and four audio speakers.

Smart entry with push-start ignition is found in the top three grades (SE, AV and STYLE).

Only the Axia AV grade gets a Reverse camera, and like the Perodua Aruz Advance variant - an upgraded version of the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) active safety suite, called ASA 2.0 which adds pedestrian detection (up to 50kph), Pre-Collision Warning to 100kph and Pre-Collision Braking to 80kph, Front Departure Alert and Pedal Misoperation Control.

ASA safety technologies can reduce damage from low-speed frontal collisions.

Five colours are offered, namely Lava Red, Midnight Blue, Glittering Silver, Ivory White and a new Sunrise Orange colour (only for Axia STYLE grade).

Ivory White is a solid paintwork while the rest are metallic.

Axia E grade - RM24,090

- 5-speed manual gearbox
- Fuel consumption rating of 22.5km per litre
- Steel wheels

Axia G grade - RM33,490 (extra features for this and higher grades)

- Fuel consumption rating of 21.6km per litre
- 4-speed 4E-AT automatic gearbox
- ABS (anti-lock braking system)
- EBD (electronic brake-force distribution)
- electric adjustable side mirrors (but non-retractable)
- 2 audio speakers
- 14-inch alloy wheels

Axia GXtra grade - RM34,990 (extra features for this and higher grades)

- VSC (vehicle stability control) and TRC (traction control)
- Anti-snatch theft hook
- Reverse sensors
- Height-adjustable driver's seat
- electric retractable side mirrors
- 4 audio speakers

Axia SE grade - RM38,890 (extra features for this and higher grades)

- (only for SE and AV grades) - Safety and Solar window tint film
- (only for SE and AV grades) - Chrome finish grille
- (only for SE and AV grades) - Front and side skirting
- (only for SE and AV grades) - Front corner sensors
- Smart entry with push-start ignition

Axia AV grade - RM43,190 (extra features for this and higher grades)

- (only for AV grade) - Reverse camera
- (only for AV grade) - ASA or Advanced Safety Assist 2.0

Axia STYLE grade - RM38,890

- Fuel consumption rating of 20.8km per litre
- "Styled" designed bumpers
- "Styled" grille
- 15-inch alloy wheels

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