2023 Toyota Supra GRMN rumoured to get 513hp engine

By CARSIFU | 13 July 2020

TOKYO: A limited edition Toyota Supra GRMN, with a production run of 200 units, will likely be released in 2023 with a an inline 6-cylinder 3.0-litre turbocharged BMW powertrain producing 520 PS/513hp, according to Japanese car portal bestcarweb.jp.

The Japanese car portal also said the Supra will have its final production run in 2025, with no plans for another model.

If bestcarweb.jp is to be believed, the Supra GRMN will be the final edition of the sports car.

The Toyota Supra was co-developed with the latest BMW Z4, and they both share platforms and powertrains.

However, beyond some of the mechanical underpinnings, both cars are very different, and this is also underlined by the fact that the Supra is a hardtop while the Z4 uses only a soft-top, unlike its predecessor.

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BMW and Toyota began co-developing their respective roadsters in 2013 to share costs and shorten time to market.

The Supra mechanicals are based off the Z4 and in many ways they are similar inside out.

Both are rear-wheel driven and use BMW engines and even share the same ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Supra and Z4 use the in-line six cylinder engine and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines in their base variants.

For 2021, Toyota has boosted output of the GR Supra’s turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six from 335hp at 5,000-6,500 rpm to 382hp at 5,800-6,500 rpm, a 14 percent increase.

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The 2021 GR Supra also gets a retuned chassis for increased roll resistance and enhanced cornering stability,

Toyota added lightweight aluminum braces that tie the strut towers to the radiator support to increase lateral rigidity, along with front and rear bump stops and new damper tuning.

Revised programming for the electric power steering (EPS), Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Active Differential works in concert with the hardware changes to make the 2021 Supra more stable through quick transitions, such as compound turns.

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