4,500 cops on duty for Ops Selamat this Hari Raya

By THE STAR | 24 May 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Over 4,500 Traffic Investigations and Enforcement Department personnel will be on duty for Ops Selamat this Hari Raya, says Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador.

According to him, the campaign would start on May 29 and end on June 12 as the police expected a huge increase in vehicles on the road during the festive season.

He said they were expecting between three and four million motorists during the Hari Raya festive season.

"Motorists should exercise patience as there will be thousands of vehicles on the road at any given time, and traffic jams are unavoidable.

He added that those who think they could outsmart the police should be prepared to receive their summonses in the mail two weeks later.

He said motorists should not try to buy their way out of a summons either.

"I have given stern instructions to my men to stay away from bribery.

"We will give you a warning if you try it once, but if you continue to insist, we will have you arrested," he said.

Abdul Hamid also urged motorists to avoid using the emergency lane during traffic jams.

"This is one of the offences which we will not compromise on. If you are caught, you will face the maximum RM300 fine," he said.

Other offences that incur the maximum compound are speeding, overtaking at double lines and failing to obey the traffic lights.