Armour your car with Kevlar

By THOMAS HUONG | 8 April 2014

A BMW X6 that has been armoured by IMS Magna Armoring. Standing next to the vehicle are (from right) Jali and Chin.

KUALA LUMPUR: Need to armour your car? Well, there's a local company that has been set up to provide such services.

IMS Magna Armoring (M) Sdn Bhd is charging RM165,000 to RM220,000 to upgrade your car to enable it to withstand 9mm rounds from handguns.

“There is demand for our high-technology solutions, especially after reports of gun-related crimes,” said the company’s chairman, Datuk Md Jali Lateh.

The proof. Chin and Jali showing how their products can withstand bullet strikes.

According to Jali, the company’s armoured vehicle solutions are different from traditional methods which use steel plates.

“We use DuPont’s famed Kevlar fibre for the car’s body panels. The bulletproof glass materials are imported from the United Arab Emirates and United States,” he told reporters at a briefing here today.

Its chief executive officer, Howe Chin, pointed out that traditional solutions can result in significantly higher weight which would require modifications to the car’s suspension and brakes.

He said the company’s solutions add only 250kg to the vehicle weight.

“No modification to the suspension or electrical system is needed. Also, our bulletproof glass does not cause vision distortion. We offer immaculate finishing while maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance,” he said.

IMS Magna Armoring’s packages are suitable for vehicles with engine capacities of 3.0-litre and above.

Depending on vehicle models, installation work which is done in Klang Valley requires a minimum of 180 days.

“The solutions can withstand bullets from 9mm handguns and this has been certified by the Weapons Technology Division of the Defence Ministry,” said Chin.

For details, call 016-227 0761 or log on to the IMS Magna Armoring site.

IMS Magna Armoring is also taking part in the 14th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference, to be held at Putra World Trade Centre here from April 14 till 17.