Caltex with Techron delivers five benefits in one tank

By CARSIFU | 6 November 2013


Vehicles today work under more challenging conditions, especially those in the cities where they are subjected to various factors which can affect engine performance and life.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic crawls and longer hours on the road add stress to the engine, leading to carbon deposit build up and eventually loss of performance and inefficiency.

Against this backdrop, its is important to choose a fuel that offers proven cleaning power that results in optimum engine performance and fuel economy whilst ensuring less emissions.



 See the difference.

It is a known fact that most fuels in the market offer one or the other of benefits that might at best lead to a certain level of improved performance.

Caltex petrol contains Techron, a specially-formulated and patented additive to keep engines clean.

It removes dirty deposits in vital engine parts to deliver not one or two but FIVE key benefits that help vehicles perform at their best, drive after drive.

The five benefits delivered by Caltex with Techron are:

>Maximised power

>Better fuel economy

>Smoother drive

>Lower emissions

>Reliable performance

Chevron Malaysia Ltd has recently launched a brand campaign to highlight and create awareness among Malaysian motorists about the “five benefits in one fuel” advantage offered by Caltex fuels with Techron. 

All engines benefit from Caltex with Techron.

The better you care for your car, the better it can care for you.

Therefore, fuelling up with the proven cleaning power of Techron helps keep vital engine parts clean for greater performance and lower emissions thus delivering the five key benefits.

Maximised power

Contrary to popular belief, not all fuels are the same.

Caltex with Techron is the superior choice as it has a special formulation that keeps the engine clean for optimum power and performance.

Better fuel economy

Fact is the build-up of engine deposits causes fuel to burn inefficiently.

For a vehicle to deliver its best, the fuel system needs to be deposit-free.

Caltex fuels have the proven power of Techron to clean the port fuel injectors in just one tank.

It cleans the fuel system to ensure an engine that runs more efficiently, helping you travel further on less fuel.

It also helps restore fuel economy lost due to the build-up of performance robbing deposits.

Smoother drive

As Techron keeps the engine clean on the inside, a cleaner fuel intake system delivers improved combustion and fewer misfires. What does this lead to? A smoother and more responsive drive allowing you to enjoy the journey.

Lower emissions

Techron also removes deposits left behind by lower quality fuels for a cleaner engine that helps emit less harmful substances into the environment.

Reliable performance

Using Caltex with Techron to keep the engine clean enables your car to start smoothly, without stuttering, and run more efficiently and reliably.

A clean engine means you can trust your car to perform reliably everyday thus giving you peace of mind.

So there you have it.

Five key benefits in one fuel – Caltex with Techron.

With over 30 years of research and development, Techron’s unique polyetheramine formulation has been scientifically proven to prevent grimy deposits in vital engine parts.

Furthermore, any petrol-driven car will benefit from using Caltex with Techron as it starts working as soon as the ignition is turned on.