A taxi ride from airport to city centre in Europe costs €40 on average

By RELAXNEWS | 14 August 2019

A taxi ride from the Milan-Bergamo airport to the city centre costs almost RM500.

PARIS: Travellers in Europe who prefer to take a taxi to reach the city centre spend average of €40 (RM187) to get there. The average length of the ride is 34 minutes.

Those are some of the findings of Airmundo.com which conducted an investigation into the fares at the 50 busiest airports on the European continent. As could be expected, it's the airports located furthest from the city centres that most break passengers' budgets — and very often, these are the airports where many low-cost carriers operate.

For example, Milan-Bergamo airport, with taxi fares as high as €105 (RM491) to get to the city centre, is served by Ryanair. The airport is located around 45km out, like its neighbour Malpensa airport, where the average taxi fare is €95 (RM445). Milan also counts a third airport, Linate, which is closer to the city centre.

The taxi fare ranking sees London take spots in the top three most expensive with Stansted and Luton. Travellers from these airports must account for a taxi budget between €104 and €99 (between RM463 and RM486) to get close to Big Ben.

Gatwick, where numerous traditional carriers like Emirates and Lufthansa are based, also becomes a pricy arrival point for passengers heading into town, with an average taxi fare coming in at €93 (RM435) compared to €77 (RM360) for the colossal Heathrow, which has the densest air traffic in Europe. More than 80 million passengers flew through Heathrow last year.

In France, taxi fare from Paris's Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport costs an average of €55 (RM258), putting it at 10th place, while Orly comes in with cheaper fares, averaging €35 (RM164) for 22nd place.

Meanwhile, passengers arriving at Antalya in Turkey pay only €8 (RM38) on average for their ride. Taxi rides which don't break the bank can also be found heading out from Eastern Europe's airports with an average fare for Warsaw costing €9 (RM43) and one from Bucharest costing €10 (RM47).