After Lykan comes Fenyr Supersport, priced around RM18mil - VIDEO

By RELAXNEWS | 13 November 2015

DUBAI: After the success of the Lykan, the world's first Arabian supercar maker returns to this year's Dubai Motor Show with its second boutique hypercar, the Fenyr Supersport, which has the specifications and performance credentials to give anything from a Ferrari to a McLaren P1 some serious competition.

Although just as exclusive and expensive, the new car is potentially positioned as a no-nonsense, almost meaner sibling to the company's existing Lykan hypercar, which also made its global debut at the Dubai Motor Show back in 2013.

The family resemblance is strong - the cars have a very similar outline - but the Fenyr Supersport is more angular, sharper and faster, and not just because it has forsaken elements such as the real diamond-encrusted headlamps and solid gold interior features that gave the Lykan its 'wow' factor and ensured it stole the show upon its reveal two years ago.

W Motors says that its latest car can output 900hp and 1200Nm of torque - figures that put it on a par with the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 91Spyder.

But potentially the most impressive thing about this car is how it gets to those numbers. It doesn't have a hybrid system helping out and has significantly fewer cylinders than any of the competition.

Under the carbon-fibre shell is nestled a little flat-six cylinder engine that would usually be found in a Porsche 911. It has been bored out to 4 litres and two turbo chargers have been fitted with help from renowned Porsche tuning specialists RUF.

This powerplant decision also shows that the company is very serious about delivering a driver's car rather than simply ticking boxes. And that's understandable as the average owner is likely to have several Ferraris, Lamborghinis and AMG Mecedes in his or her existing collection.


With the right conditions, it's capable of 0-100kph in 2.7 seconds and a theoretical top speed of at least 248.5mph - that's 400kph.

So pretty close to those hallowed rivals in acceleration too. However, only an initial 25 examples are planned, meaning that in the exclusivity stakes, it will run rings around every other current hypercar.

As for how much the car will cost, the slower yet equally exclusive and much more ornate Lykan came with a US$3.4 million (RM15mil) price tag. The Fenyr's extra potency plus the fact that it is sculpted almost entirely from exotic weight-saving composite materials suggests that it will be retailing for closer to US$4 million (RM17.5mil), and that's before clients start adding bespoke interior features.