Alfa Romeo to debut ‘something new' in Geneva

By RELAXNEWS | 22 February 2019

TURIN: Alfa Romeo has confirmed to CNET's Roadshow that its line-up at the Geneva Motor Show early next month will be accompanied by "something new."

Right now, all that's been confirmed by Alfa Romeo, Italian luxury car manufacturer and subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, about what they're bringing to the Geneva Motor Show is that it will include "something new," according to Roadshow.

Despite the paucity of information there is good reason to believe that it will slide into the line-up just below the Stelvio SUV.

For one, earlier this week reported that the company will be bringing a new, compact SUV to the Geneva Motor Show built on either a smaller Giorgio platform (currently used by the Giulia sport sedan) or the Jeep Renegade platform. While the standard model will be gasoline-powered, it's expected to have a plug-in hybrid variant.

For two, last summer at the company's Capital Markets day in Italy, FCA outlined what's on the docket for Alfa Romeo over the upcoming years and a new C-segment crossover made the list beside a couple new sports cars and updates to existing models.

The company stated that the new model will be unveiled in Geneva on March 5, the first of the event's press days. On March 7, the entire line-up will be on display for the public to enjoy.