Apple Watch, the remote control for your Porsche or BMW i cars

By CARSIFU | 27 April 2015

PETALING JAYA: With the global debut of the Apple Watch last Friday, Porsche and BMW have begun touting the connectivity possibilities Apple's latest offers with their cars.

Drivers can now access Porsche Car Connect functions even more conveniently, without having to reach for their iPhones.

However, the Apple smartphone still continues to manage communication with the vehicle and integrates the Apple Watch as an additional display and control element.         
Apple Watch_Porsche (6)

The Apple Watch provides information on the vehicle status and allows certain vehicle functions to be monitored and controlled by tap and gesture input. The “remote” display, for instance, visualises whether windows, doors, boot lid and sunroof are closed; the vehicle can also be locked if necessary by pressure of the finger (“Force Touch” function).

The “Carfinder” function shows the location of the car, while the navigation function guides the driver to the position of the vehicle if required. As soon as drivers are in the vicinity of their Porsche, they can easily identify it on a full parking lot or in a multi-storey car park with the functions to sound the horn and flash the lights.

The key comfort functions of the plug-in models can also be monitored and controlled via the Apple Watch. A brief glance at the wrist lets one check charging status, range and residual charging time. In the “Climate” menu, drivers can activate the preconditioning function with one tap of a finger.

Integrating the Apple Watch adds a new level of individuality and comfort to communication between driver and vehicle via Porsche Car Connect. Porsche Car Connect uses the mobile telephone network and thus permits communication with the car over any distance.

Apple Watch_BMW i cars (3)
In the BMW camp, the watch operates similarly with the i3 and i8.

Apple Watch users need to download the free BMW i Remote app from the iTunes Store first. Once the app is installed, it will keep users updated on the car’s current battery status, for example, and alert them when the high-voltage unit is fully charged. The app can be used to remotely check and control functions of i models.

In addition, Apple Watch can continue the navigation instructions from the  i3 to the user’s final destination after the car has been parked as well as guiding them back to the car if required. And it also allows the interior temperature to be pre-conditioned.

The new smartwatch features an innovative glance screen for applications which groups together the most important information provided by the app so that it can be viewed at a single glance.

As well as the car’s battery charge, the available range and the timing of updates, the glance screen also shows  i Remote app users whether the car doors are locked.