April 13-19: RON97 petrol up 5 sen, rest unchanged

By THE STAR | 12 April 2019

PETALING JAYA: The price of RON97 petrol is up 5 sen per litre, while the prices of RON95 and diesel remain the same for the week starting Saturday.

In a statement today, the Finance Ministry said the price of RON97 petrol would increase to RM2.68 per litre, up from RM2.63 per litre, while RON95 petrol and diesel prices are maintained at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per litre respectively.

The Finance Ministry said that based on the new Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM), the prices of RON95 and diesel from April 13 to April 19 should have been RM2.38 and RM2.39 per litre respectively.