At CES 2018, Microsoft stakes out its future role in car safety

By DPA | 11 January 2018

LAS VEGAS: Microsoft believes its artificial intelligence can be used to improve driver safety in future cars.

That's why at the CES trade fair in Las Vegas this week, the software company has been signalling that it wants to play a part in mapping out the future of car safety.

Microsoft’s car-oriented system, based on the cloud platform Azure, is designed to record and analyse current traffic situations and pedestrian movements.

Partner company NXP meanwhile is showing how vehicles can communicate both with each other and with existing infrastructure, helping warn drivers about dangerous situations before they occur.

"The collaboration that took place at CES 2017 was a great example of how we can together test and identify which functionality really has a future," said Microsoft manager Kevin Dallas.

For its part, the Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP wants to contribute sensors and a system capable of image recognition and evaluating the sensor data.

The CES is traditionally the tech industry’s first trade show of the calendar year. In recent years, increasingly networked and self-driving cars have been in the spotlight.