Audi cars will use ‘Vehicle-to-Everything' tech to communicate with work zones

By RELAXNEWS | 24 January 2020

WASHINGTON: Audi outlined this week its plan to collaborate with Virginia Department of Transportation and Qualcomm to give cars the ability to communicate with construction zones on highways using C-V2X technology.

Later this year, work zones on select Virginia highways will be able to send warnings to Audi cars equipped with C-V2X, or Vehicle-to-Everything, communication technology.

The purpose behind implementing such a feature is to increase the safety of both drivers and workers in construction zones by "curtail[ing] road hazards and fatalities."

Drivers with Audi Q8 SUVs that support C-V2X communication via the integration of a Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset will receive warnings "with minimal latency" on their in-vehicle display as they approach a work area on a highway.

This tool complements Audi's existing V2X-powered Traffic Light Information service which gives drivers a countdown to green lights based on information sent from public infrastructure.

Though this technology will help drivers be safer on the highways by continuously giving them information about road conditions and hazards, it will ultimately lead to the development of safer, smarter autonomous vehicles.

This initial deployment will launch during the third quarter of this year on select Virginia roads.