Audi e-tron Sportback planned for May debut

By CARSIFU | 3 April 2020

INGOLSTADT: Audi has expanded its all-electric e-tron product line-up with the formal introduction of a sport utility vehicle (SIV) in the form of a Sportback 55 quattro that has 300kW of power and a range of up to 446km.

The e-tron Sportback has been slated for arrival sometime before the end of May in Europe in two variants and comes equipped with a pair of unique digital matrix LED headlights that are being made available in a mass-production vehicle for the first time.

Static photo, Colour: Plasma Blue

At launch, the Sportback that's being built in a CO2-neutral plant in Brussels will debut on the European market with the base 50 quattro variant priced from 71,350 euros (RM340,000).

The German four-door SUV coupé with a wheelbase of 2,928mm comes measuring in at is 4,901mm-long, 1,935mm-wide and 1,616mm-tall - all while possessing a roof that extends flat over its body before dropping down steeply to the rear.

At its rear, it features a broad diffuser, absent exhaust tailpipes and a light strip that connects the rear LED lights cluster to each other.

Furthermore, it can also come in a choice of thirteen colours to drape the sheet metal including a new exclusive plasma blue metallic.


The logo on the electric charging flap features the eye-catching high-voltage signal colour orange, which can also be applied to the brake callipers on request.

The wheel arch trims and sills are finished in matt anthracite as standard to underscore the off-road look and the same applies to the underbody protection, diffuser and door sills that have been painted in black.

As standard, it comes rolling on 19-inch wheels with 255/55 series ultra-low rolling resistance tyres which can be upsized all the way to 22-inches upon request (available by mid-2020).

Regardless, the wheels try to fill the gaping wheel arches that partially hides the sport air suspension while the contoured bumper is flanked by air curtains to help improve airflow.

Audi e-tron Sportback - 19

The front, an S line emblem takes up residence on the radiator grille, while the illuminated aluminium door sill trims feature an S logo.

At the rear end, the standard fitment of a spoiler and diffuser that extends across the entire vehicle width contribute to the outstanding vehicle aerodynamics that measures in at a minimal drag coefficient of just 0.25 (the lower the better).

As an optional extra, the e-tron Sportback can be had with wing-shaped virtual exterior mirrors that have been integrated with small cameras and its images appear on high-contrast OLED displays in the transition between the instrument panel and the door.

If the driver moves their finger toward the surface of the touch display, symbols are activated with which the driver can use to reposition the image while also be able to automatically adjust by itself when on the highway or during turning and parking manoeuvres.


Power comes from asynchronous electric motors fitted on each axle to create an electrical all-wheel-drive system that's capable of producing a total output of 265kW and 561Nm of torque that's fed by a three-phase current 95kWh lithium-ion battery.

The two standard electric motors are capable of launching this SUV coupé from a standstill to 100kph in just 6.6 seconds before reaching an electronically limited top speed of 200kph.

Switching to Sport mode, flooring the throttle means that this Sportback's output gets boosted to 300kW and 664Nm for 8.0 seconds - cutting its century sprint time down to 5.7 seconds.

In most driving situations, this Sportback relies exclusively on its rear electric motor for propulsion, but if required, power can be sent to the front instantly if more traction is needed.

Mixing playtime and practicality to the mix are seven drive modes that allow the driver a choice that ranges between smooth-rolling comfort and sporty stable handling - thanks in large to the adaptive air suspension which lowers the body by up to 76mm at higher speeds.

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At launch, the German brand will also offer a lower specced Sportback 50 quattro that generates 230kW and 540 Nm of torque that's fed by a 71kWh battery weighing 120kg-less.

For range, it has been rated to cover up to 347km on a full charge and the ability to sprint from 0 to 100kph in 6.8 seconds before reaching a top speed of 190kph.

The Sportback 55 quattro can charge with direct current (DC) at up to 150kW at fast-charging stations and in just less than 30mins, the battery is able to reach 80% of its capacity while the Sportback 50 quattro can charge at up to 120kW and achieves an identical charge status within the same time.

Including the 60-litre storage compartment underneath the front hood, which houses the vehicle tool kit and charging cable, this SUV - with a powered tailgate (the hands-free operation is an added option), also provides 615 litres of rear boot space that can be expanded to 1,665 litres with the rear seats folded down.

Further inside, the interior features a driver-centric 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and an 8.6-inch touchscreen display within its gloss-black cabin surrounds where the owner gets a choice of sport seats, S sport seats, and the customized contour seats with optional ventilation and massage functions.


Entertainment comes from a HiFi sound system with a Bang & Olufsen Premium 3D Sound System available as an option. Another attractive infotainment module is the Audi phone box which allows for improved connectivity and wireless charging.

Also featured is the MMI touch response operating system with two displays with a tactile and acoustic pulse that confirms when a finger activates a function.

On the upper 12.1-inch touch screen, the driver controls the infotainment, telephony, navigation, and dedicated e-tron settings while the lower 8.6-inch display is used to input text and to operate the convenience functions and climate controls.

A further component is the cloud-based Amazon voice service Alexa, which is fully integrated into the MMI operating system where the driver can use it to perform a range of tasks such as placing orders and finding information about current events. The service offers access to more than 80,000 Alexa Skills.

In addition, the free myAudi app can connect the car to a smartphone to allow its owner to manage all charging processes remotely.


These include querying the battery and range status, starting the charge processes, programming timers, and displaying driving statistics.

On long-distance trips, the e-tron route planner displays the necessary charging stops along the route—both in the app as well as in the MMI.

In the process, it continuously updates the charge planning based on the traffic situation and to take account of driving behaviour.

Another function of the app is preheating/precooling prior to departure, which is powered by electricity from the outlet.

The optional deluxe auxiliary air conditioning system allows the customer to specify in detail whether the interior, the steering wheel and the seats—depending on the equipment level—are to be heated.


Available as an option, the system is able to authorize an Android smartphone to not only lock and unlock the SUV coupé but also to start the engine via the start/stop button.

The driver-assist systems offered are Audi's pre sense basic and Audi pre sense front safety systems as standard and includes the City assist package for urban traffic which throws in the intersection assist and rear cross-traffic assist functions as well as the lane change and exit warnings.

There is also the pre sense 360-degree system which combines the efforts of pre sense front, rear and side to detect collision hazards and initiates certain protective measures—from full braking to tensioning of the seat belts.

Highlights of the assist package Tour are the adaptive cruise assist, which simplifies longitudinal and lateral control, as well as the efficiency assistant. The latter uses data from the on-board sensors, the navigation system, and Car-to-X services and signals to the driver when it makes sense to take their foot off the accelerator pedal.

In combination with the adaptive cruise assist and traffic sign recognition, the efficiency assistant can also brake and accelerate the SUV coupé predictively.

Luggage compartment

The turn-assist, collision avoidance assist, and emergency assist functions round out the Tour package, while the park assist, night-vision assist and 360-degree cameras allow the driver to select from multiple views.

The central driver assistance controller operates as standard behind the driver assist systems in the e-tron Sportback and continuously computes a differentiated model of the surroundings. Depending on the selected options, data is received from up to five radar sensors, five cameras, and twelve ultrasonic sensors.

To celebrate the launch, Audi will offer the limited-edition model “edition one” in the plasma blue colour that's based on the S line exterior and will also include the virtual exterior mirrors, attachments finished in an aluminium look, exclusive 21-inch wheels, orange brake callipers, and the panoramic glass sunroof.

The illuminated front door sill trims project the model name “edition one” as a logo onto the ground as the interior offers a choice between the interior design selection, supplemented with customized contour seats with exclusive Monaco grey seat covers in Valcona leather, and the S line interior with sports seats also in Valcona leather.

The equipment also includes the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with front 3D sound, the assist package Tour and matrix LED headlights with front and rear dynamic turn signals as well as dynamic light scenarios.

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