Audi in the era of electric mobility

By CARSIFU | 8 October 2019

SINGAPORE: Audi is transforming into a provider of electric mobility—a process that involves all areas of the company. After all, the brand with the four rings intends to put more than 30 electrified models on the market by 2025, which constitutes a 40% share in sales.

In doing so, Audi is consistently pursuing the path of sustainable mobility. Accordingly, the areas of Procurement and Production are also aligning themselves more strongly with sustainability-related criteria.

The skills and experiences from the development and production of the Audi e-tron will be incorporated into the upcoming projects for the all-electric models. The activities are flanked by comprehensive training and development concepts.

Audi is becoming a provider of integrated, carbon-neutral premium mobility with the goal of taking the leadership role in the competition. To this end, the manufacturer is accelerating its electrification road map and company-wide decarbonization.

By 2025, the carbon footprint of the vehicle fleet across the entire life cycle is to be reduced by 30% as compared to 2015. In the future, the return on investment as the central financial control parameter will also show the CO 2 performance of the four rings, with sustainable management helping to increase it to more than 21%.

Modern premium customers are increasingly placing their focus on sustainable mobility. It is therefore a consistent step to make electric mobility one of the central cornerstones of the new brand strategy.

Audi will reserve 50% of its marketing budget for topics relating to electric mobility in the future. The company aims to provide its customers with a stronger emotional experience with the new drive type, dispel any reservations and spark enthusiasm.

The company podcast “The Future Is Electric,” which is now already on its second season and recently won the “World Media Award” in the “Automotive” category, is a successful example of this approach.

Audi also started a new chapter for the market launch of the e-tron at the beginning of 2019 with a walk-on meteorite at Munich Airport.

Visitors had the opportunity to spontaneously experience the new model and the Audi brand on more than 20,000 test drives.

With its company-wide sustainability road map, Audi has set itself the goal to successively decarbonize the entire vehicle life cycle, from the supply chain and production to the use and utilization of the Audi models.

Furthermore, Audi has a clear mission to achieve company-wide carbon neutrality on balance by 2050.