Audi presents the AI:ME, its vision of the compact autonomous car of the future

By RELAXNEWS | 16 April 2019

INGOLSTADT: Audi will hold the world premiere of its visionary new concept car, the AI:ME, at the Auto Shanghai motor show in China, taking place April 18-25.

This vehicle is presented as a visionary mobility concept for the megalopolises of the future, a compact car with a spacious interior, with the ability to drive autonomously.

A level 4 automated driving mode means that under certain circumstances, such as on the highway, the car can drive entirely without human assistance. This then allows the occupants to do whatever they like as the car drives. Audi has included virtual reality headsets so the entertainment system (movies, video games, etc.) can be enjoyed by anyone in the vehicle.

The Audi AI:ME is directly inspired by the Audi AIcon, presented as a completely autonomous vehicle in 2017. Unlike that concept car, the Audi AI:ME is not 100% autonomous and is thus equipped with traditional controls on the wheel as well as pedals, which can all be retracted.

Just like its concept car cousin, the Volkswagen ID. Roomzz, which is also set to be unveiled at the Shanghai motor show, the Audi AI:ME is based on the modular electrification toolkit (MEB).

Its electric motor, located on the rear axle, produces 125kW (170hp). No information has been provided on its estimated battery life. Several internal configurations are possible by adjusting the position of the seats and storage compartments.

There are no plans for the AI:ME to be available as a production model.