Bentley first auto brand to join Leather Working Group

By CARSIFU | 27 August 2021

LONDON: Bentley Motors is taking another step on its Beyond100 journey towards enhancing the environmental sustainability of its products and materials, as it becomes the first automotive member of the Leather Working Group.

Established in 2005, the Leather Working Group comprised leather manufacturers, traders, suppliers, technical experts, as well as brands and retailers, representing a range of industries from fashion, accessories and footwear, to homewares and interiors – and now, luxury automotive.

The_Leather_Working_Group_welcomes_Bentley_Motors _The_first_ever_automotive_member(3)

Aiming to improve environmental performance in the leather industry, the Leather Working Group audits leather manufacturers against best practice benchmarks and audit standards which are independently monitored.

Bentley is now a fully approved corporate member and is working towards ensuring that by the start of 2022, all of its leather is sourced from suppliers and tanneries that have successfully completed the Leather Working Group audit process, with the end goal of each one achieving the Leather Working Group’s gold standard award through a culture of continuous improvement.

The_Leather_Working_Group_welcomes_Bentley_Motors _The_first_ever_automotive_member

“The use of leather and coachbuilding are hallmarks of our hundred year old history. Our cutters and trimmers are experts in their fields and the fact that so many of our heritage models still exist with their original interiors, demonstrates the longevity of leather as a core material to us and its inherent sustainability over time," said Bentley’s production purchasing chief Mark Cooke.

“As the first automotive member of the Leather Working Group, we look forward to working with our fellow members to actively shape the future of sustainably sourced leather in the automotive sector.”

The_Leather_Working_Group_welcomes_Bentley_Motors _The_first_ever_automotive_member(2)

Bentley said it sources the finest leather hides from Europe, and only buys leather that is a by-product of the food industry.

It said its workers are trained to minimise waste as they prep and prime each hide and place it within Bentley interior cabins. Leather is known to be a material which endures the test of time. Over 80 per cent of Bentley cars ever manufactured are still on the roads today, many of which contain their original leather seats.