Bentley's GT with the least subtle name ever gets even faster

By DPA | 24 March 2021

LONDON: Three guesses as to what the headline feature of Bentley's new two-seater Continental GT version is.

Hint: The model is once again badged "Speed". Yes, the latest luxury racer from the British brand is all about how fast it can go: 335 kph - a feat made possible by a re-tuned 12-pot engine.

With a displacement of 6.0 litres, it now produces 659hp, about 5 per cent more than its predecessor, allowing this 2.5-tonne two-seater to accelerate from a standstill to 100kph in 3.5 seconds.

To ensure that the car is not only fast, but also sporty, the engineers make use of some of the new GT generation's peculiarities.

For example, the Speed has rear-axle steering for more agility, as well as a new set-up for the air suspension and an eight-speed double clutch transmission.

Brakes are fitted with new carbon-ceramic discs that have more bite and weigh 33 kilos less. It also features an electronically controlled limited slip differential on the rear axle - a first for Bentley.

At the same time, Bentley has revised the design of the Continental, darkened many trim parts, including the radiator grille, and also added sportier tones to the interior.