BHPetrol upgrades Infiniti diesel with improved additives

By CARSIFU | 29 September 2016

PETALING JAYA: The new BHPetrol Infiniti diesel fuel can provide cleaner engines and better performance, thanks to the latest German additives specially engineered for modern CRDi (common rail direct injection) diesel engines.

The new-generation additives effectively addresses the issue of the formation of hard-to-remove deposits in modem diesel engines, due to the high temperature and pressure, which cannot be removed by ordinary additives.

These deposits affect vital parts of the fuel delivery system such as the fuel injector nozzles.

The holes in these nozzles are very tiny - 0.09mm in diameter which is about the size of human hair and can be easily blocked by even the smallest deposits.

When the nozzle holes are blocked, the optimum fuel spray pattern into the combustion chamber is altered.

This will result in poor fuel economy and power loss in addition to other problems such as starting difficulties, poor idle, excessive smoke and even engine damage.

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The specification by the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) states that power loss in modern diesel engines must be less than 2 per cent.

This can be achieved by additising Infiniti Euro 5 diesel at the minimum treat rate recommended by the German manufacturer.

However, BHPetrol additises its Euro 5 diesel at the maximum treat rate which is about 2.5 times the minimum treat rate.

At the maximum treat rate, there is no power loss - thus exceeding OEMs' specification.

The maximum treat rate is needed to remove both new and existing deposits in modern diesel engines, as the minimum treat rate will not be effective enough.

"Yes, this means we spend more on additives for our new fuel but we believe in giving our customers the highest quality of fuel in Malaysia and this means providing diesel that has the most effective 'Clean Up' performance," said BHPetrol managing director Tan Kim Thian.

Tan (third from left) and Khoo launching the new BHPetrol Infiniti diesel fuel.
Tan (third from left) and Khoo launching the new BHPetrol Infiniti diesel fuel.

The effectiveness of the new additives has been proven in industry-standard tests such as the XUD 9 CEC F 23-01 test (for older engines) and DW 10 CEC F 98-08 test (for modern engines with direct injection).

The test procedures are formulated by the Coordinating European Council (CEC) which represents motor, oil, petroleum additive and allied industries in the development of test methods to evaluate the performance of transportation fuels, lubricants and other fluids.

CEC test methods, recognised by vehicle manufacturers, are used extensively in Europe and widely throughout the world.

"The additives are now available in both BHPetrol Infiniti Euro 5 diesel and BHPetrol Infiniti diesel which is the Euro 2M grade," said BHPetrol retail director James Khoo.

"With this new generation of additives in BHPetrol Infiniti diesel Euro 2M and Euro 5, owners of diesel vehicles - especially those with the latest engines - will enjoy all the performance that the engines have been designed to provide because the engines will be cleaner. If an engine has been running on fuel with older additives, then switching to the new BHPetrol diesel will see it running better within a short time as the new additives we now put into our fuel also have the best 'Clean Up' performance," added BHPetrol retail director James Khoo.

The new Infiniti Diesel is available at more than 105 BHPetrol stations.

The price of BHPetrol Infiniti diesel Euro 2M is RM1.70 per litre and for BHPetrol Infiniti Euro 5 diesel, it is 10 sen more per litre.

These prices are set in accordance with the managed pricing system which is reviewed on a monthly basis by the government.