BMW shows it's eco-friendly by joining ship recycling movement

By CARSIFU | 15 March 2019

MUNICH: The BMW Group is the first car maker worldwide to join the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI).

The independent platform, launched in March 2018 by the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, aims to improve measures, transparency and awareness relating to the issue of ship recycling. It is a voluntary market-driven approach.

BMW said it takes a holistic approach to carrying out sustainability goals that spans the entire value chain. It relies on a multifaceted logistics network – with tasks that range from transporting vehicle parts to plants (inbound logistics) to distributing finished vehicles to customers (outbound logistics). Sea logistics plays an important part in this. It said it makes it a point to organise its sea logistics in a responsible manner.

BMW said it seeks to use more parts made from recycling used materials. It also works with research institutes and suppliers to adopt new recycling technologies. With its "design for recycling" principle, the company said it aims to ensure that components can be returned to the material cycle wherever possible at the end of a vehicle's lifecycle.

"Sustainable awareness and transparency are guiding principles for the BMW Group’s actions. We demand the same from our partners in our worldwide distribution and transport network," said BMW Group's vehicle distribution head Anita Pieper.