BMW M6 GT3 rolls out

By CARSIFU | 6 February 2015

MUNICH: BMW’s new M6 GT3 for the GT racing scene has been given its first run at BMW’s test track in Dongolfing, Germany, and it is to compete in national and international series, as well as at iconic endurance races in 2016.

The car and its modified 4.4-litre V8 M turbocharged engine with a dry sump lubrication that generates over 500bhp for its less than 1,300kg heft, left the garage for the first time at 2pm (9pm- KUL) with Jörg Müller at the wheel.

Other features include aerodynamics optimised in BMW’s wind tunnel, a transaxle drive concept, a six-speed sequential racing transmission, and equipped with motorsports electronics and a FIA-approves safety cell.

BMW M6 GT3 - 02
Emphasis was placed particularly on efficiency, ease of maintenance and reliability by the engineers that would be crucial for a 24-hour endurance race.

“The engine really impressed me. It is powerful and has good torque, which is important for a car like this. I am confident that BMW Motorsport will provide its customers with a fantastic racing car, in the BMW M6 GT3,” said Müller.