BMW's German plants to start making EVs by 2022

By JAY WONG | 5 November 2020

MUNICH: BMW has announced that all of its manufacturing plants in Germany will be directed at building electric vehicles (EVs) from 2022 onwards.

At present, the German carmaker's plant in Leipzig, Germany, is the only one producing BMW EVs in the zee country since 2013.

Soon, the company's Dingolfing plant will soon be churning out the upcoming fully-electric iNext and will also be responsible for producing up to 500,000 electric motors by 2022.

The Munich plant will also start production of the all-electric i4 - a four-door gran coupe, and its lines have been undergoing changes to accommodate it.

Finally, by 2022, the Regensburg plant will also join the EV production club, but a model has yet to be named with rumours pointing to the new 7 Series.

The Leipzig and Regensburg plants will be manufacturing battery modules and high-voltage batteries for current and future models as demand climbs.