Bosch show car as a concept living space

By CARSIFU | 12 April 2017

SUZHOU: Bosch presented its full range of innovative mobility solutions at the 2nd Bosch China Automotive Innovation Day, held in November 2016 in Suzhou.

The leading global supplier of automotive technologies and services unveiled its core strategies for future urban mobility.

“Transformation in the automotive industry is being driven by global trends such as the aging population, urbanisation, tightening emission regulations and the spread of the Internet. By grasping the unrivalled opportunities provided by these trends, Bosch is painting a blueprint for urban mobility and formulating our own strategies,” said Bosch (China) Investment Ltd executive vice president Dr Xu Daquan.

The event, held by Bosch every two years, is the company’s largest technology experience in Asia-Pacific.

Bosch ebike.
Bosch ebike.

Focusing on a localisation strategy, Bosch showcased innovative and tailor-made solutions for connected and automated driving as well as powertrain systems.

Contributing around 16 percent to the global revenue of the Bosch Group, China continues to play an important role.

“2016 saw a robust Chinese market with the production and sale of passenger cars both growing by over 13 percent in the first 10 months. Benefiting from this vigorous market, Bosch’s Mobility Solutions business in China has registered above-average, double-digit growth in 2016,” said Dr Xu.

Third living space (Bosch Show car)

In addition to home and the workplace, Bosch sees the car as becoming the third most important living space for people by 2021.

In the Bosch show car, the dashboard and center console have been transformed into an electronic display.

02_2020 concept car which feature future HMI

The information shown on this giant display changes depending on the vehicle’s current surroundings.

Drivers' preferences as well as appointments in their diary are also taken into account.

Drivers will be able to activate the autopilot to free up even more time and make their journey more relaxed.

DSC_0049 (Medium)

A connection to the smart home makes it possible to operate such household functions as heating or security systems at any time.

The Bosch show car also has different interaction technologies like touch, gesture, haptic, eye gaze control for the driver.

Future urban mobility layout

Bosch estimates that by 2020, the car ownership per thousand people in China will increase to 153 from 95 in 2015, and issues such as traffic congestion, parking, and the last mile's walking distance from subway station to workplace will become even more difficult to resolve.

Bosch ABS safety system for motorcycle.
Bosch ABS safety system for motorcycle.

Finding new urban mobility solutions has become the top priority for China’s automotive industry.

As traditional automotive technologies can no longer be enough to meet future demand, intelligent and connected cars will be a key solution to problems including energy shortage, pollution and traffic jams.

Meanwhile, the mobile-Internet-based sharing economy and individualised micro-transport tools will become other important elements in the future urban mobility layout.

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