Bugati Chiron — Lego 'Build for Real' 1:1 scale!

By CARSIFU | 18 February 2019

TORONTO: We are here to tell you about two guys who may seem to have lost their minds by reviewing Lego Technic's lifesize Bugatti Chiron that took 13,438 hours to develop and build.

In fact, it's also fully functional and by that we mean it is drivable with over a million Lego Technic pieces.

Packed with 2,304 motors and 4,032 Lego Technic gears wheels, the engine of the 1.5-tonne model generates 5.3hp and roughly 92Nm of torque - allowing it to reach a top speed of about 20kph.

The real Chiron is capable of producing 1,500hp and 1,600Nm from 2,000 to 6,000rpm and a top a speed of 420kph.

The outer"‘skin" structure is built from interconnected triangular segments made into a LEGO Technic ‘fabric’ designed to mimic the iconic shapes of the original Chiron.

This also includes a rear spoiler, front and rear-lights, detachable steering wheel, speedometer, seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and brake pedal - all fully functional and built with LEGO Technic elements.

The lifesize Lego version of the Chiron made its debut during the Grand Prix Formula 1 event in Monza, Italy on Aug 30 last year.

Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 02
Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 03
Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 04
Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 05
Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 06
Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 07
Bugatti Chiron (Lego life-size) - 08