Bugatti teases new track-focused Chiron Divo limited edition

By RELAXNEWS | 11 July 2018

MOLSHEIM (France): Even as teaser images go, a new one from Bugatti about an upcoming limited edition version of the Chiron doesn't give much away. What we know though, is that it suggests a new track-focused version of the current Chiron hypercar is in the pipeline. And that's got to be something for auto enthusiasts to get worked up about.

What the teaser image actually shows is the embroidered "Divo" branding of the car, so this limited edition model will be paying homage to Albert Divo, the famed French driver who won the Targa Florio for Bugatti back in the 1920s. Bugatti has also launched the hashtag 'Built for corners,' which leads us to believe this will be a version of the Chiron designed to suit the demands of track driving, rather than being an all-out top speed monster.

We'll have to wait until later in the summer to see a full reveal of this exciting addition to the Bugatti portfolio as it's set to be revealed at The Quail Motorsports Gathering on Aug 24, which is held at the Quail golf club in California as part of the famed Monterey week.

The Chiron Sport.
The Chiron Sport.

No price has been announced for the Divo, and we don't know how big, or small, the limited run will be. The car will add to the "standard" Chiron that costs around US$3.3million (RM13.3mil), and the lightweight, more hardcore Chiron Sport. As the Divo will be the third Chiron variant launched in a two-year period, it's likely to complete the car's lineup for the foreseeable future, and it has to be expected the price will be close to US$4 million (RM16.1mil).

It's thought the engine won't get any significant alterations to the 8.0-litre W16 quad-turbo that produces a mind-blowing 1,479bhp in the existing Chiron. But to make it better for the track it could feature a degree of weight reduction, some downforce-boosting bodywork, an upgraded suspension setup and other tweaks aimed at making the Divo more corner-friendly than current Chirons.

Bugatti isn't currently suggesting any motorsport aspirations for the Chiron Divo, other than the intended location for its launch. However, it would have to be considered a serious contender for an attempt at the production car Nürburgring lap record, which is currently held by the Nio EP9 with a time of 6:45:90.