Bugatti unveils €33,000 ‘Baby' electric car for kids

By RELAXNEWS | 13 March 2019

PARIS: Bugatti has announced the smallest member of the company lineup: the Bugatti Baby II.

To celebrate the company's 110th birthday, Bugatti revived the Bugatti "Baby", a miniature replica of the Type 35 racecar that originally launched in 1927.

Though the Bugatti Baby II is the smallest model in Bugatti's current profile, it's suitable for both adults and children despite the original being designed exclusively for youngsters.

In terms of powertrain, the Baby II is a BEV like the first generation; however, this iteration features removable lithium-ion battery packs, a limited slip differential, regenerative braking, and two power modes. The 1kW child mode has a top speed of 20kph while the 4kW adult mode has a top speed of 45kph that can be further increased by 10kph with an optional upgrade.


Furthermore, children (and some adults) will be riding the Bugatti Baby II in luxurious comfort on a leather seat surrounded by the company's signature aluminum dashboard and steering wheel as well as custom brand instruments.

The blue exterior (which is optional) has been completed with eight-spoke aluminum alloy wheels that are replicas of the set found on the full-size Type 35.

Like the original Bugatti Baby, only 500 of the Baby II models will be made. Production will begin in the fall of this year, and reservations for the tiny EV is opened now. For €30,000 (RM139,000), you could add the Baby II to your collection.