Byton offers sneak peek of production M-Byte's advanced interior

By RELAXNEWS | 17 June 2019

NANJING: Chinese EV startup Byton has revealed three photos of the upcoming production M-Byte's interior; the creamy, quilted-leather cabin will feature a trio of touchscreens with the biggest one measuring in at 48-inches.

Despite showing off what the company described as the production M-Byte's cockpit at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, on Thursday, Chinese EV manufacturer Byton published a series of photographs displaying a restyled, cream-coloured cabin that makes the three massive touchscreens the focus of the front row.

The 48-inch touchscreen that has consistently graced the dashes of M-Byte concept models will be carried over into the production version.


While this dash-wide display is the centrepiece of the cockpit, it's accompanied by two additional touchscreens — a 7-inch Driver Tablet placed directly on the centre of the steering wheel and an 8-inch central touchpad that completely replaces the centre console.

Compared to the model shown at CES 2019, which had virtually no physical buttons, this version dons some on the armrests, flanking either side of the steering wheel's touchscreen, and on the dash.

The production M-Byte is expected to launch in China later this year and in North America and Europe in 2020.