Life after Jaguar: Callum turns new chapter with CALLUM

By CARSIFU | 21 July 2019

LONDON: What is Ian Callum up to these days? Well, since his retirement from Jaguar as its lead designer last month, he has gone on to set up a design and engineering shop creating bespoke and limited-edition products.

Launched lately in 2019, CALLUM is focused on design, lifestyle and travel, taking on projects "that intrigue, excite and tell a story". Its team is made up of talents with experience in art, audio, automotive, fashion and motorsport brands. The company is based in Warwick, 150km north-west of London.

Details of the first CALLUM project will be released in the coming weeks.

“I wanted to get back to the essence of creativity; the challenge of producing something wonderful and personal,” said Callum, who is the design director in the new set-up.

CALLUM Founders

"In today’s modern world, collaboration is the catalyst for new ideas, and this is our ethos and inspiration, both within our team and as we look to work with partners in the future."

Callum is noted for his award-winning automotive designs, including the Aston Martin Vanquish, Vantage and DB9, Jaguar F-Type, F-PACE, XJ and, most recently, the World Car of the Year Award-winning I-PACE, amongst others

CALLUM is also run by partners David Fairbairn, Adam Donfrancesco and Tom Bird, who are former work colleagues with Callum at Jaguar.