Carpit mobile app launched

By CARSIFU | 21 April 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Carpit Malaysia has launched its Carpit mobile app which promises drivers with convenient car and reliable tyre services.

The app is available for download free of charge on Google Play and App store.

With a few clicks on their smartphones, anyone can request to get their car tyres serviced and replaced.

The app features a large database of popular car model profiles with their respective tyre sizes, making it easy for customers and car service shops to quickly identify the right tyres needed for any car.

The Carpit app also comes with a tyre service record and a reminder feature.


In addition, Carpit also offers the first of its kind to offer end-to-end service assurance with a full warranty against any damage for all customers’ vehicles.

Prices are transparent with no hidden charges or extra rates that will be charged without notice.

Users need only pay once through the app after all the required services have been completed, removing any potential risks for fluctuating prices by the dealers.

Carpit’s free pickup and drop-off services from its dealers allows customers to book a service without leaving the comforts of their home or work.

Carpit Malaysia co-founder and CEO Tai Qisheng said the tyre change industry in Malaysia had not changed the way they provide their service to Malaysians for decades, leading many to see tyre changes as more of a chore instead of the regular necessity.

“In addition, we noticed a lack of strong solutions available to help make the experience more enjoyable for Malaysian drivers,” he said.

Carpit Malaysia also announced Leona Chin, a renowned female race car driver and professional drifter, as its brand ambassador.

Chin will use the Carpit as a platform to encourage more Malaysian drivers to get into the habit of regular tyre check-ups and play a role in reducing the number of road accidents.