Citroen to start selling latest C4 model in Q4

By REUTERS | 1 July 2020


PARIS: Citroen’s latest C4 model will go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year, with the French carmaker aiming to expand in the compact car market, the head of PSA-owned Citroen said on Tuesday.

Vincent Cobee said in a phone interview that he believes Citroen will have a full role to play within the merged PSA-Fiat Chrysler group.

The 10th-generation C4 is available with petrol (100 hp to 155 hp) or diesel engines (110 hp to 130 hp) as well as an all-electric version called e-C4 (350km range).

With a raised stance on large diameter wheels, and an aerodynamic silhouette, it is more crossover then compact hatchback now.

Both e-C4 and C4 are equipped with the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme, offering all-round comfort with a focus on every aspect of on-board well-being.


This means suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and Advanced Comfort seats deliver driving comfort. Travelling comfort is enhanced by generous interior space, including “Best in Class” rear knee room, clever storage compartments and Smart Pad Support Citroën.

Comfort of the mind arises through a soothing and luminous atmosphere with warm materials and the electric panoramic sunroof.

Comfort of use comes from the 20 driving assistance technologies, including Highway Driver Assist – a level two semi-autonomous driving system – and six connectivity technologies. The serenity is amplified further on the e-C4, which adds all the benefits of electric mobility: silence, smoothness, ease and pleasure of use.

The new C4 model is made in Spain.

“Citroen is coming back in full force on the compact car segment in Europe which is the biggest segment if you count SUVs and sedans,” Cobee said.

“It is a major launch as it will support one of our key expansion axis in terms of volumes in coming years,” he added.