Clueless car thieves stealing a Tesla Model 3, foiled by owner

By JAY WONG | 27 October 2020

CANBERRA: Two thieves in Australia had their comeuppance when they tried to steal a Tesla but failed miserably.

Early one morning, owner Annabelle Brett in Canberra  was alerted by her smartphone that her Model 3's alarm had been triggered.

Australian television network Nine Network reported that Brett - a radio presenter, dispatched her "big burly friend who was staying with her at that time", to check on the situation and found that the car was missing from its designated parking spot.

Brett quickly turned to her smartphone to access the Tesla App and immediately began to track her car which showed that it was nearby.

The police were contacted and the Australian radio presenter - together with her friend, found themselves in "hot pursuit".

Meanwhile, in her video clip, she began to "mess" with the perpetrators by slowing the car down to 8kph, put the windows down and even beep the horn.

The car was found parked in a nearby parking lot next to the thieves' getaway car and the duo immediately confronted them.

She also mentioned that her car's Sentry Mode was activated - a function which starts recording exterior and interior footage via the vehicle's cameras.

Upon being confronted, the car thieves hastily retreated and in doing so, inadvertently left their toolbox while one of them left behind their driver's licence (smart move).

One of the car thieves was tracked down and arrested. He is awaiting court proceedings while the other is still at large.