Crazy Brabus Crawler is a hardcore toy for big boys

By dpa | 17 May 2022

BERLIN: Big boys with €900,000 (RM4.2mil) to spare might like to get their hands on the madly-pimped G-Class Mercedes off-road Brabus Crawler, only 15 of which are being built by the German tuner.

The spec sheet of this doped G63 is wild but the beast is not street legal and is designed for off-road fun. Its environmental credential are also zero with no electrification in sight.

With 900hp on tap and gigantic air intake nostrils at the front, the Crawler is a monster cross between a roofless dirt buggy and the familiar Merc off-roader which has been in production for decades.

The Crawler has no doors or even a windscreen. Protection comes from a massive bright red rollover cage and occupants are strapped into the quilted red carbon seats with racing-style full-harness seatbelts.

The chassis of the Crawler is new, with a tubular steel frame developed especially.

The portal axles, with independent suspension at the front and rigid axle at the rear, derive from the 800 Adventure XLP pick-up project, but have been further adapted for the Crawler.


Adjustable spring struts and shock absorbers ensure a maximum ground clearance of 53cm. Brabus said the Crawler is its most capable off-road creation.

The V8 biturbo with 900 hp comes from the Mercedes-AMG G63 sportscar. It is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission but the power output is so massive that maximum torque must be electronically limited to avoid damaging components.

The behemoth is naturally fast too. The dash from 0 to 100kph takes just 3.4 seconds, but top speed is pegged at 160kph, more than enough for a quick churn in the desert. Fuel consumption is not given.