Cycle & Carriage sets up used car division at PJ dealership

By CARSIFU | 8 November 2018

PETALING JAYA: Cycle & Carriage has launched a Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned centre at its dealership here.

Those buying a used Mercedes-Benz will enjoy the same convenience and 3S (sales, service and spare parts) capabilities as those buying brand new cars, it said in a statement.

All certified used Mercedes-Benz cars are under six years old with a guaranteed mileage of less than 125,000km at point of purchase. Aside from a 12-month warranty extension with unlimited mileage above the remaining manufacturer warranty, the cars qualify for regular servicing and maintenance packages. Flexible and affordable service contracts are also available to allow customisation of maintenance packages.

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Cycle & Carriage said it uses advanced repair techniques, the latest diagnostic tools and genuine parts at competitive prices for such cars. Value-added services offered include Premier Express Service, Door-to-Door Service and 24-Hour Motor Vehicle Breakdown Service.

Every used Mercedes-Benz undergoes a 215 multi-point inspection which include checks on engine components, chassis and vehicle appearance.

Customers can also trade in their existing cars when buying a Mercedes-Benz certified vehicle. The purchase is also made easier with available financing and leasing plans.

"Whether our customers are seeking a brand new or a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car, they can expect to enjoy exclusivity and exceptional end-to-end customer experience with Cycle & Carriage,” said Cycle & Carriage CEO Wilfrid Foo.

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The sales team at the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned Centre in Petaling Jaya. With them are Foo (second from right) and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia sales & marketing vice-president Mark Raine.