Drive & Dive by Auto Bavaria for new BMW 330i M Sport

By CARSIFU | 9 October 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Auto Bavaria, the largest retail and service dealership for BMW, MINI and Motorrad in Malaysia, recently organised its first ever “Drive & Dive” event – The Auto Bavaria BMW Drive & Dive.

Participants combined a diving trip with a long distance drive in the new BMW 330i M Sport from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Dungun, Terengganu.

Now in its 7th generation – the new BMW 330i M Sport premium sports sedan is priced at RM 288,800 and offered with attractive financing programs from BMW Financial Services Malaysia.

Leaving behind the city for the weekend, 12 lucky participants took to the road in the BMW 330i M Sport bound for Kuala Dungun where their scuba diving adventure began.

AB BMW Drive & Dive (7)

Starting their drive at the newly-renovated Auto Bavaria Kuala Lumpur in the late hours of the night/ early hours of the morning, customers were treated to a sumptuous supper and an introduction to the BMW 330i M Sport by Vi Thim Juan, head of business operations,

Auto Bavaria before beginning their drive to the diver’s haven of Tenggol Island in Terengganu.

The drive to Kuala Dungun provided participants with a great night driving experience and impressions of the new BMW 330i M Sport, beginning in the default Comfort mode, with the Driving Experience Control and later adjusting the steering, transmission and suspension.

AB BMW Drive & Dive (9)

Drivers commented that even in Comfort, cruising was sharp, precise and the BMW 330i M Sport offered a very dynamic drive feel.

The windy roads en route also gave drivers an opportunity to switch to Sport mode, revving up the engine as the transmission dropped a gear lower to offer more grunt and force.

Drivers were impressed with the magic courtesy of the suspension that the BMW engineers have developed for the BMW 330i M Sport, offering a more steady and enjoyable ride.

Once on Tenggol Island, participants spent 4 days diving and was thoroughly entertained by Auto Bavaria’s attention to detail on premium hospitality.

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