AXA rewards safe drivers with 14% discount on telematics motor insurance

By CARSIFU | 15 November 2018

PETALING JAYA: A year after the launch of the first telematics motor insurance in Malaysia, AXA FlexiDrive customers are rewarded with an average of 14% safe driving discount based on their safe driving behaviour.

Following the phased liberalisation of motor insurance in 2017, AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd (AAGI) took the lead to disrupt motor insurance by offering telematics insurance that promotes safe driving behaviour among drivers and vehicle safety.

The discount is earned based on a person's driving behaviour and implemented to instil responsible driving and improve road safety in the country.

AXA FlexiDrive was introduced with the goal to help drivers be aware of their driving behaviour, offer good driving tips and allow them to take conscious effort to improve their driving habit. AAGI believes that by making drivers aware of their driving skills and providing useful driving tips, drivers can improve their driving behaviour and make the roads safer for other road users.

“According to the transport ministry, Malaysia has one of the highest accident and fatality rates in the region," said AAGI CEO Emmanuel Nivet.

" We are proud and delighted that AXA FlexiDrive has made an impact and in just one year we have received many positive feedback from customers consisting of young or matured drivers, female drivers, parents, etc. This proves how AXA FlexiDrive has significantly improved driving behaviours and enhanced the road and vehicle safety, adding value and great experience to all our customers."

Using telematics technology and innovation, AXA FlexiDrive provides Malaysian drivers greater control over their own motor insurance, records their driving behaviour and keeps their vehicles secure.

> Up to 20% safe driving discount: Safe drivers can enjoy up to 20% safe driving discount. The discount is earned and accumulated monthly based on drivers’ driving style, speed and mileage. Poor drivers will not be penalised but given personalised driving tips to improve their driving behaviour.

> Automatic accident alert & assistance: In the event of accidents, an alert will be automatically triggered with emergency medical assistance dispatched to the crash location.

> 24/7 vehicle security & theft recovery: Drivers will receive real-time alert in case of theft. Upon receiving the police report, AAGI will work with police to recover the stolen vehicle.