Driving with a caravan for the first time? Here's what to watch for

By DPA | 26 December 2020

BERLIN: Practice makes perfect. That holds especially true for driving with a trailer attached, with newbies encouraged to precisely plan out their next road trip and to drive with the utmost caution.

Germany's ADAC compares driving a car with a caravan attached to steering a "small truck trailer" and advises against sporty driving.

Caravan newbies should keep in mind, for example, that passing another car takes longer because the tow vehicle has to make more of an effort than usual when it comes to accelerating and braking.

Besides anticipatory driving, it's also important to accelerate slowly and to brake softly, advises the German automobile club.

Crosswinds are more noticeable with a caravan, as there's more surface area for the wind to strike - this is especially important for unprotected stretches such as over a bridge, or when overtaking a truck or bus. If the caravan starts lurching, the only way that you can guarantee stability is to step on the brakes, says the ADAC.

When planning their routes, caravan drivers should use detours whenever possible, instead of taking long, steep passages - these are difficult for even the most experienced drivers, says the ADAC.