Ducati has an assisted pedal-power bike, meet the e-Scrambler

By JAY WONG | 28 July 2020

ROME: Ducati, together with Thok Ebikes, have created the e-Scrambler.

The e-Scrambler from Thok is an "urban ready" e-bike that uses an aluminium frame and high-end components inspired by the design and attitude of the "Land of Joy".

Available sizes include S, M, L and XL and is currently being priced at 3,699 euros (RM18,500).

Ducati e-Scrambler - 04

The e-bike has a 250-Watt Shimano Steps E7000 motor that gets powered by a 504Wh battery while rolling on Pirelli Cycl-e GT tyres.

Riders get a Sram NX 11-speed gearbox, Sram four-piston brakes and a complete set of accessories that include luggage racks, mudguards, stand and signal lights.

Ducati e-Scrambler - 02

According to Thok, the company says that the low centre of gravity and the geometry of the frame allow the e-Scrambler to offer the same riding sensations as a traditional bike.

This makes the e-bike an ideal companion for the city or to country roads.

Ducati e-Scrambler - 03