Engine oil doesn't last for ever, so take care when laying in stocks

By DPA | 28 September 2020

BERLIN: Owners of older cars with higher oil consumption often like to have a supply of engine oil at home. But you won't be able to use it forever.

Having a small backup supply of oil in the boot or back home in the garage is certainly a good idea, whether you use your car day in, day out, or just take it on longer trips.

But unfortunately this kind of oil doesn't last long. How long can you keep it? Three to five years for closed cans, experts say. Once opened, you should try to use it up in six months.

Regular top-ups also won't be a way around changing your car's oil.

If your car is using much more oil than usual, a mechanic may need to have a look to see if there's technical problems. If this doesn't get fixed, then pollutants and deposits may also stay stuck in the system.

The reason we use motor oil is to protect against corrosion and clean the engine.

However, too little oil or even just old oil won't get the job done right. To make matters more complicated, not all oils are the same.

When it comes to deciding on a type of oil, the manufacturer's suggestion, usually to be found in the manual, is key and should match the label on the oil you buy. Some oils are only used in either summer or winter, while others can be used all year around.