EU to enforce audio alert system on hybrids and EVs from July 1

By CARSIFU | 7 June 2019

BRUSSELS: The European Union has mandated that from 1st July, all new private and commercial electric and hybrid vehicles with four or more wheels must have an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) fitted.

- The minimum sound level at a speed of 20km/h is 56dB. The maximum sound level is 75dB (comparable to a conventional car)

- Applies to all private and commercial vehicles with four or more wheels

- Activated for speeds of up to 20km/h going forward with a sound also emitted whilst reversing

The legislation also dictates the AVAS sound ‘should be a continuous one providing the vehicle driving behaviour to other road users and pedestrians.' For example, generating changes in sound level and pitch to signify acceleration.

HALOsonic Tesla (Custom)

Since 2009, acoustics expert HARMAN has been developing its own AVAS system called external Electronic Sound Synthesis (eESS) under the HALOsonic active noise management solutions portfolio.

Drawing on over 60 years’ of audio expertise, HARMAN’s eESS creates a specific sound that is projected from speakers positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Speed and throttle position sensors determine the volume and characteristics of the eESS signal warning pedestrians of an approaching vehicle.

“Given the ever-increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads, the risk to pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable groups has risen exponentially over the years,” says Rajus Augustine, Senior Director Product Strategy & Planning, Car Audio at HARMAN.

“AVAS technologies such as HALOsonic eESS offer an affordable and effective way of increasing pedestrian awareness of an approaching EV in noisy urban environments.”