Even if you're car-sharing, check if the tyres are in good shape

By DPA | 4 August 2020

BERLIN: Car-sharing provides plenty of benefits, freeing people from many of the burdens of car ownership — but the condition of the tyres is still one thing you should keep an eye on.

Whether or not the vehicle is inspected regularly, take a moment to check the tyres before taking your trip — after all, you never know what's gone on before you get in, says Germany's transport safety council DVR.

You'll spot damage such as cracks or worn areas from previous journeys right away — but it's still better to take a closer look.


After all, tyres are what connects the car and the road, so they need to be in perfect condition to ensure you're safe. The only way you can be sure is to head to a petrol station and check them, unless the car has a function displaying the tyre pressure.

If you want to check yourself whether the tread is in good shape, grab a 1-euro coin. If the golden edge disappears in the tread, it still has at least 3mm left, which is way more than the legal requirement of 1.6 and ideal for summer tyres, says the DVR. (In the Malaysian context, insert a 20-sen coin in the tyre groove; the tyre still have usable tread depth if the "sen" word isn't visible)

Do check the spare wheel or puncture repair kit too. If you find anything's wrong, contact the car-sharing company and maybe ask for a different vehicle if you're concerned. Better safe than sorry.

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