Ewan and Charley head 'The Long Way Up' on Harley's LiveWire electric bikes

By JAY WONG | 4 August 2020

McGregor and Boorman.

LONDON: Actor Ewan McGregor and English TV presenter Charley Boorman are back with a new adventure dubbed "The Long Way Up".

The best friends previously teamed up for the "Long Way Round" which saw them travel from London to New York while riding on BMW's R 1150 GS all-terrain motorcycles.

This time, they'll be travelling from Ushuaia in Argentina - the very Southern tip of South America, all the way up to Mexico while riding Harley-Davidson's all-electric LiveWire motorcycles.

Long Way Up

The biggest concern here is how the dynamic duo are going to recharge their bikes.

The solution, however, is for the production crew to follow them in all-electric pre-production Rivian pickup trucks to help recharge the bikes, to which beckons the next obvious question - what happens when the Rivians run out of power?

Long Way Up

The trip is estimated to take about 100 days to complete with the over 21,000km route taking them through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia among others within Central America.

The show is said to make its debut on Sept 18 via Apple TV+ and will feature three episodes at first while new episodes will be introduced weekly.

Long Way Up