Falken Azenis FK510 ultra high performance tyre: Quiet and grippy

By THOMAS HUONG | 6 August 2018

SHAH ALAM: The new Falken Azenis FK510 ultra high performance tyre that's set to be launched locally this Wednesday promises outstanding wet and dry handling, lower road noise levels and shorter wet braking distances.

Produced in Japan, it is aimed at passenger cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) with 2.0-litre engines or higher, and is available in 88 sizes ranging from 17 to 22-inch.

Recommended retail prices are from RM400 to RM1,500.

Local Falken tyre distributor Stamford Tyres also plans to release a run-flat variant of the Azenis FK510 next year.

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The Azenis FK510 was designed by Falken engineers using 4D Nano design tread compound, which optimises new high-performance compounds that enhance both wear and wet weather traction.

The new tyre also features Tension Control Technology, which is a proprietary casing mold shape that provides a more flexible middle sidewall area to absorb shock while providing better handling.

The Azenis FK510 also has an Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP) pattern design, which provides enhanced tyre tread to road surface pressure distribution, thus improving both directional stability and vehicle-stopping distances.

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Meanwhile, the tyre's wide shoulder blocks enhance high-speed cornering and lateral grip while its four circumferential grooves efficiently disperse water and enhance hydroplane resistance.

Stamford Tyres also organised a tyre performance session at an open tarmac next to the Shah Alam Stadium, featuring a few Honda Accord cars fitted with the older Falken Azenis FK453 ultra-high performance tyre, a competitor tyre and the Azenis FK510.

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To check out the characteristics of the three tyres, media members were driven by experienced instructors on a cone-filled slalom run at about 40kph, followed by a wet braking test at 60kph and finally, a quick drive on public roads around the Shah Alam Stadium.

The Azenis FK510 was easily the more outstanding among the three tyres in terms of cornering grip, shorter braking distances in the wet as well as a quieter ride.

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