First video of 528hp Lynk & Co 03 Cyan Concept in testing

By CARSIFU | 13 March 2019

GOTHENBURG: Cyan Racing has completed a full development programme of the 528-hp Lynk & Co 03 Cyan Concept on the roads of Spain, escaping the long winter of Sweden.

"This car is a development platform for future production performance road cars based on Lynk & Co technology," said Henrik Fries, Head of Automotive R&D at Cyan Racing, formerly named Polestar.

"We have done this journey before with the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar in combination with our previous motorsport programme with Volvo Cars and Polestar. To build a road car based on the Lynk & Co 03 World Touring Car Cup race car is an exciting and important step forward for our future programmes."

lynkco_03_cyan_concept_3 (Medium)

The Lynk & Co 03 Cyan Concept is Cyan Racing's interpretation of a race car for the road, using the same technology as the Lynk & Co 03 TCR race cars that Cyan Racing will compete with in the 2019 FIA World Touring Car Cup.

"While this concept might be a bit extreme, we have learned that in order to explore the true characteristics of a car you need to push it to its maximum and that is just what we are doing right now with this car," said Thed Björk, racing and development driver for Cyan Racing.

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"We strive to find the optimal balance between responsiveness and performance in combination with predictable, balanced and safe behaviour. This is the same base philosophy as when we develop race cars. I love driving this car as much as my race car."

The concept road car is equipped with a 528-hp two-litre turbo charged Lynk & Co engine, the same base engine as used in the Lynk & Co 03 production road car.

The engine development of Cyan Racing is headed by the same team that have produced engines like the 2017 World Championship-winning 1.6 litre Volvo engine and the award-winning V8 Volvo engine for the Australian V8 Supercars programme of Cyan Racing.

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"What you aim for when developing a race engine does not differ much from when developing an engine for a performance road car. You do not only want the engine to deliver a lot of power, but also combining the power with a high level of drivability,” said Mattias Evensson, head of engine development at Cyan Racing.

“Although the Lynk & Co engine in the concept car is relatively small in relation to the power output, its design allows us to achieve both plenty of power and low-rev responsiveness.”

Next up in the development process of the Lynk & Co 03 Cyan Concept road car is to join the race team in pre-season testing at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

lynkco_03_cyan_concept_5 (Medium)
The Lynk & Co 03 Cyan ConceptEngine
Turbo charged
528hp at 7800 rpm
504Nm at 4500-7000 rpm
Max 8000 rpm

Front-wheel drive
6-speed sequential gearbox
Steering wheel paddle shifts
60 ms shift time
Multi-plate limited slip differential

0-100 kph in 4,4 sec
0-200 kph in 10 sec
100-0 kph in 30 metres
Top speed of 310 kph
Max sideway g-force of 1,5G

20" bespoke Cyan wheels
285/30R20 front and rear

Öhlins adjustable dampers

Dual circuit hydraulic system
6-piston calipers with 378 mm ventilated discs front
2-piston calipers with 290 mm ventilated discs rear

1287 kg